Friday, 5 October 2012

Deformities: Not a Green Card To Begging

Deformities: Not a Green Card to Begging.
Production Coy: Movie World Entertainment 
Director: Aminu A. Shariff
Duration: 20 minutes
Format: HD

Lawan was a year old infant when he felt ill. He couldn't stark a word to express the pain he's suffering,  rather he resort to cry with tears as only available means of sending signal that 'Mom... am not felling ok'. 
His mother became traumatise  by seeing his languishing condition, she rushed him to the nearest hospital for medical assistance so as to mitigate the pain. At Asibitin Zana (as popular known) an Infectious disease hospital, little Lawan illness was diagnosed as Fever. The Doctors gave him an injection... Injection that leads to another disease- acute viral (Polio). A disease characterized by inflammation of the motor neurons of the brain and the spinal cord, and resulting in a motor paralysis followed by muscular atrophy and often permanent deformities. 
Pernicious to Lawan, that's where he met his fate. He now neither sit nor crawl, becoming a snail in human shape. More than two decade, adult Lawan is still suffering from his deformities as a result of an injection that meant to pacify fever.
Even though, he accepted his plight as an act of destiny, he never give up or succumbed to the challenges of life. 'I don't want to be part of those beggars on the street, because I hate begging'-Lawan. He believes life can be shape no matter how strangle it appeared.He vows to fight to the end with help of His creator, through whoever wish to give him back a smiling face along his path to victory.

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