Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Kannywood: The Undefine Journey

Every morning I wake up from my bed I pray a lot to almight Allah; not only thanking Him for His blessing on us and the oppurtunity to witness another shining morning but also for my lucrative yet un organized movie industry called Kannywood.

My Kannywood, like any other movie industry is not new to intrigues; from rumours to betrayal, from ignorance to lack of structure, from supremacy to battle of leadership and other obstacles that hinders its progress and development. It is for this, we seek divine intervation and salvation.

For years since its innovation, the industry remain stagnant despite all efforts and sacrifice. We have witness the contributions given out after it was conceived from patriotic people like; late Matt Dizie, late USA Galadima, late Tijjani Ibrahim, Saddiq Balewa, Ibrahim Buba, Abdulkareem Muhammad, Proff. Abdallah Uba Adamu, Dr. Umar Farouk Jibril, Mallam Inuwa Hassan, Mallam Abba Daneji (Mai unguwa), Sani Mu'azu, Dan'azumi Baba & Hamiso Lamido Iyan- Tama, Ado Ahmad G/Dabino, late Aminu Hassan Yakasai, Bashir Mudi Yakasai, Ibrahim Mandawari and many more unsung hereos that were not listed.

Some of these people (not all) met together as team. They shared their hard earned knowledge and experience for a dream 'Kannywood'. They evicts the difference between them (culturally and religously). They walked tirelessly unprofitable from one corner to the other; yearning for recognition from local to international (govt & agencies), unveiling ways to promotes the profession, aligning the places that needs adjustment and paving path for a smooth talent showcasing right in front of our neighbourhood.

But, what happened after? Has the industry been rolling as created? Why do the industry turns into a mess? Do these people lack professionalism to design? Is there any selfishness in its architecture? Is there any rules governing the practice that was set aside? Or is it the failure of the new generation executioners? Indeed, some of these disgusting errors the industry has encountered, and still facing today can directly be linked to them (pioneers) wilst others was as a result of the curse that befalls on it.

I 've been in the industry for more than one and half decade. At that time, I found it a place where real talents are converging in pride; where dreams are realised (thou still waiting for my turn); where goals are achieved; where career moves in progress; where hopes are unveiled; where small capital can be utilised; where investment yield profits; where jobs are created and where bond of brotherhood prevailed.


The genenal audience in no time bought the idea of the indeginous movies which resulted in making the little number of producers at that time to compete amongst themselves.Within shortest time, production companies start to manifest one after the other. What about the characters? Mostly they came from Drama groups that normally plays on stage (publically) or at soap operas produced by local televisions. To participate in a movie, you MUST be a member of those drama groups! So it goes on up the time when outside people who have talents of acting start to show interest on the profession. Then, the idea of forming Association arises, which gives these kind of people the chance they look for and also brings other characters together under one umbrella body Artist Council.

Even though, Artist council was formed, but mother drama groups continue to function as usual. As a new cormer, you have to attach yourself to a drama group of your interest, which in return it will submit your name for registration to the association. One can also directly register with the council on individual basis. In fact, I am one of the beneficiaries of such gesture been not a member of any drama club. Later, some members of drama groups start to disengage themselves with their groups, accusing leaders of selfishness, corruption and bias when it comes to in-house activities, management and casting of artist. They rather prefer to stay on their toes than keeps been 'incarcerated'. (Oopps! problem started)

Some of the victims alleged that their superiors are dancing on their sweat, blocking their chances to become 'stars' by intentionally selecting people of their own choice and imposing them to producers when it comes to casting for a movie. I can still recall some reasons that resulted to this mass exodus by the aspiring artist, which includes:
1. Non payment of fees after performance on stage or off stage.
2. Lack of efforts by the clubs to secure a movie for them.
3. Tension of been dependant.
4. Keen to appear on the screen.

"I have to leave them, they dont like me any more because I appeared on the movie without their consent" a friend of mine told me ten years ago.

In a nutshell, Activities at that time goes normal. There's discipline, unity, respect for elders, laid rules, association and procedures for one to follow in order to found self on the screen. But, today the atmosphere regarding artist was different. What went wrong? How sudden such rules were not been comprehended any more?
why does this behavior of bias and cheatings still exist? what favor has to do with talent showcase? why leaders continue to take followers for granted? what brings indiscipline into the system? why do we accept everyone without due screening like before? why are we not valuing ourselves? what brings division and hatred amongt us? why are we politicizing the profession? why do still godfatherism exist? why can't we be good ambassadors? why are we validating other cultures and rejecting our dear one? and it keeps going..........

To be continue...