Sunday, 12 August 2012

Street PHOTOgraphy

           "My life, my people and my country. Where are we heading to? Why life is so miserable to the common like me? why my people are so evil and heartless? why my country is becoming so vulnerable to its citizens?....WHY"

"The little guy behind me was so lucky to lead his life as a hawker. As for me, I ended up a begger. This is as a result of a 'failed' system that we were engulfed in. An old person like me, supposed to be at home resting, but look at me here begging what to take into my mouth. It is pity...... though I thank God I'am a healthly old begger."

"Despite the intentional malice to hurt us and our lovely, caring, courageous poor parents, We must play. In fact, am worried and confused. At my age, it should'nt be like that.... thinking about our own future at this tender age of mine." 

"My only wish is to meet any of them. My question to them is why do they leave me like this. I'am human being, equally important,am not mad. Look at me... ready to give 'em the hardest punch as I set my eyes on ANY good- for- nothing."

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