Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Boko Haram: A Weep For My Relatives

I was about to say good bye to a dear friend i visited at the weekend, when suddely she appeared to our sight weeping hard in tears. She looks confused, even though she dressed elegantly but does'nt know where she's heading to.

Out of our curiousity, we attemped to stop her but she declined and keeps moving in tears. To me, personally i'am afraid of such scenarior considering the implications associated with such drama.

The girl probably was within the range of 16-18yrs of age, in fact she's a tennager. In my society, seeing somebody associating self at that particular time (10.00pm) is a taboo.

My very friend turns back a little bit, while i developed a courage by confronting her once again. This time she answered "Nothing happens". "What happen?, where are you going?" i asked her again. But she keeps giving me the previous answer, but craying.

From there, i made a decision with my mind. Help this little girl OUT! I offered her for a drive to her destination after she told me where she's going, which she accepted reluctantly.

On our way, she told me the terrable news. "Some one just called us from Maiduguri, my relatives were killed" narrating the sad story with tears keeps coming down to her cheek. "I lost control, does'nt know my route, i was in total devastation" she said. "How many are they?" i asked her. "They are five, two male and three women all student of UniMaid".

As the authourity of the university announced the closure of the institution some weeks back, hundreds of students remains stranded in there. Some are trying to get the chance of the cease fire people are yearning before they carry their luggages out, but some had already taken the risk of penetrating through the battle field.

But, as for this unlucky relatives, luck was not on their side. As they accidentally came out (as she narrated) from the university, they were shot dead. Reasons still unknown.

There's no honourable way to kill. They are just students not Boko haramites. This kind of actions are horrific. The dreams of these students was shattered just for uncalled reasons. Civilian casualties is growing in high number, yet no any sign of consideration from both parties.

As i made my u-turn (mission accompolished), i left her infront of their house standing still. I can still vividly see her through my mirror, though i forgot to ask her name. Leaving with a remorse heart, but i can see her weeping for her lost Relatives.

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